CSS for Print Designers by JD Graffam, Jr


If you can design a brochure, why not a website? It's all Photoshop, right? Anyone making transition from print to the web knows it can be pretty rough. In CSS for Print Designers JD masterfully breaks down CSS into terms that any designer can quickly understand.
Brad Colbow, Web designer and illustrator of "The Brads"

Bridging the gap between traditional print design and web design is a difficult process and one that should not be tread on lightly. JD's book takes us down that path with clear explanation forged through years of experience making the same journey. CSS for Print Designers is a book that's needed to have been written for years. It is also great as an educational resource for anyone looking to get into building websites.

CSS for Print Designers perfectly bridges the gap between traditional print and web design with clear explanation forged through years of JD's experience in the industry.

Gene Crawford, editor of UnmatchedStyle.com

CSS For Print Designers is a fresh approach to an age-old problem in the industry: how to shift thinking and practice from designing for print to designing for the web. JD has been through the process and intimately understands the pain points that many print designers experience during this transition -- especially with learning and making sense of CSS.

JD drops unintelligible geekspeak and demystifies and deconstructs the concepts with clear, straightforward language with a dash of good humor. From outlining differences in dpi, color, and canvas size to breaking down the meanings of common CSS properties, CSS For Print Designers is be a must-read for print designers looking to upgrade their skillset and delve into the world of web design.

Denise R. Jacobs, Author of The CSS Detective Guide

In JD Graffam's CSS for Print Designers, there's no deciphering nerdy code or memorizing useless vocabulary. It's packed with plain language and visual graphics that make sense to print-minded designers. This is a great read for the print designer looking for an ideal place to begin learning the ropes of CSS.

Matthew Smith, Squared Eye