CSS for Print Designers by JD Graffam, Jr


About the Book

If you’re a print designer, you know the day is coming when you’ll be asked to design a Web site. No matter whether you haven’t learned HTML and CSS yet because of a lack of time or technophobia, this book will get you started coding Web sites and making them look the way you want. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how painless it is and how much you already know. And this book covers HTML5 and CSS3, so you’ll be working with the latest Web standards.


  • 1. Coding in Plain English
  • 2. From Picas to Pixels
  • 3. Dump Drag and Drop
  • 4. You Have to Read the Words
  • 5. Boxes Inside Boxes
  • 6. Sculpting with CSS
  • 7. Designing with CSS
  • 8. Improving Lives with CSS
  • 9. Starting from Scratch
  • 10. Prepress for the Web
  • 11. Tools of the Trade
  • 12. Any Questions?

About the Author

JD Graffam runs the award-winning Web design firm Simple Focus and serves on the board of directors for AIGA Memphis. He also serves on the Editorial Review Board of Smashing Magazine and curates Pattern Tap. His workshops on learning to design for the Web sell out around the country.